Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jon Castillo

My work at the moment is very much about people, culture and society. I like to explore everything about people from the individual to social interactions in both private domestic settings and public venues. I am very interested in technology and how the use of lighting, digital manipulation and other forms of technical artifice can inform an image. Often my work is constructed scenes that are carefully staged, directed and lit. Other times I like to embrace the unpredictable elements of photography by setting up rigorous constraints with certain elements left to chance encounter, usually in public settings.

All of this work is in progress and still developing

Car Culture Series: (This was my BFA submission artist statement so people can see it, it's going to change again)

Artist Statement

I spend countless hours a week driving alone in my car, often feeling that this time of solitude is insignificant and merely a necessity of life. Due to this, the manner in which I occupy this space has captured my interest. I have become engaged with this space that exists within an occupied vehicle; the space that is both public and private. My photographs are documents of the people who inhabit these spaces and the surrounding Los Angeles landscape. The use of lighting allows normally banal moments to become theatrical relationships between car, passenger and the public space of the road.

-Jonathan Castillo

Best, Jonathan Castillo

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